A cheap loan means more money in your wallet. This in turn translates into greater opportunities to use additional cash. Welcome autumn colorfully! In Instant Care Bank you will get your first loan up to $ 6,000 for free. So if you have an eye on a purchase for which you lack funds, think about this opportunity.

Promotion chasing the promotion in Instant Care Bank!

Promotion chasing the promotion in Instant Care Bank!

Autumn is here for good. After the summer madness – when it seemed much more than it should have, the end of the year can be a challenge. That’s why it’s time to buy a warm sweater, hot cocoa, an umbrella and… extra cash.

Fortunately, there are many options with which you will find a solution for everyday ills. Quick and easy “cash injection” is offered by Quick Cash. For new customers, she has prepared the first loan offer up to $ 6,000 for $ 0. This means that as a first-time customer, you pay back exactly what you borrowed. The company does not add any additional costs or commissions. There are also no hidden fees. All this is waiting for you under the condition of timely repayment, within 65 days. The promotion lasts until further notice!

First loan up to $ 6,000 for free – promotion terms

First loan up to $ 6,000 for free - promotion terms

In a situation where you are already considering taking a quick loan in Quick Cash, you must have the status of a new customer. However, this is not all – apart from that, the lender ensures that anyone who:

  • He is over 18 (the company does not specify an upper age limit)
  • Has a bank account in one of the Polish banks
  • Has an active phone number
  • It has no arrears
  • He has Polish citizenship and permanently resides in the country 1

Of course, the first step is to submit a loan application on the company’s website.

Instant Care Bank offers an application that lets you conveniently take out a loan from anywhere and at any time. 

How to participate in the Instant Care Bank promotion?

How to participate in the Instant Care Bank promotion?

As we have already mentioned, in order to take advantage of the first loan up to $ 6,000 for $ 0, you must complete a simple application. If you are a beginner, here is a brief instruction on how to apply through the website quickly and conveniently:

1. In the first step, visit the lender’s website. Choose the amount of interest along with the repayment period. For convenience, we send the following link:

Apply for a loan with Instant Care Bank

2. Click on the “Take Your Loan” button. You will be directed to a page with a form to fill out.

3. Complete the loan form with: name, e-mail, mobile phone number, PESEL number, ID card number, income level or form of employment.

4. Make the verification – the fastest available method offered by Instant Care Bank is transfer via Blue Media.

5. Now wait for your decision and transfer to your account!

An intuitive online application should not cause you a big problem. The lender only requires entering basic data. 

Welcome autumn colorfully! Take a loan in Quick Cash

Welcome autumn colorfully! Take a loan in Quick Cash

It’s definitely worth using the free payday loans. Currently, such a promotion is offered by a growing range of lenders. And regardless of whether your car suddenly crashed, there was a discount on the dream coffee machine in the store, you are planning a unique event, or you just have to “go straight” – a free loan is a good solution.

A very fast online loan, money even in 15 minutes and no hidden costs are the advantages of loans in Instant Care Bank. 

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